4800G/M2 Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) Blanket for Construction in Thailand

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Warranty: 5 Years
Type: Waterproof Roll Material
Ceiling Tile Shape: Roll
Material: Needle Punched
Thickness: 4.0mm

Product Description

Geosynthetic clay liner (GCL-OF)Introduction
• It is a needle-punched reinforced composite geosynthetic clay liner(bentonite clay pond liner) comprised of a uniform layer of granular sodium bentonite encapsulated between a woven and anonwoven geotextilewith a uniform HDPE geofilm coating applied to the woven surface to lower the hydraulic conductivity.
• Its performance can meet or exceed GRI-GCL3 and our national standard JG/T193-2006.

1. Improved leakage performance
2. Permanent waterproof performance
3. Simple construction and short time limit for a project.
4. Not influenced by air temperature.
5. A kind of green material and good to environmental protection.
6. More versatile than compacted clay
7. Increased airspace and liner efficiency


·Landfills ·Mud Pits
·Lagoons ·Canals
·Bund Lining ·Tank Lining
·Fish Farm Lining ·Roof Lining
·Waste Water Pits ·Ponds and Reservoirs
·Dams ·Floating Covers
·Vertical Cutoff Walls ·Hydraulic Structure
·Basement Lining ·Drip Irrigation Ponds

Bentonite plays a critical role for geosynthetic clay liner product so its quality is quite vital. We,as a professional GCL supplier, select top quality of natural sodium bentonite as our raw material, and apply advanced and well-controlled needle punching technology, to produce this product. The important, and only reason of doing this is to provide excellent usage effect for our clients, also for our better living earth.


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