China 3D Geocomposite Drainage Net for Construction Landfill Project

After-sales Service: Guide The Construction
Warranty: 5 Years
Color: White or at Request
Application: Roads & Railways & Airports Project, Water Conservancy Project
Function: Drainage
Classification: Composite Geotextiles

Product Description

Product Description
It is made of HDPE polymer by extruding into atri-dimension structure net. Net shape.
It is made of aunique biaxial or tir-axial geonet adhibited geotextile on both sides.
It has the property of geotextile and geonet.

Tr-dimensiton composite geonet for drainage is made of aunique tri-dimension geonet adhibited geotextile on both sides. It has the property of geotextile (filtration function) and geonet (drainage and protection) and provide afunction system “filtration-drainage-protection”. The core of net with its unique tri-dimension structure can bear higher compressing load in construction and remaiin the certain thickness, provide good water conductivity.

Typical Applications:
Landfill drainage; Roadbed and road drainage; Railway drainage, tunnel drainage, underground structure drainge, the retaining back wall drainage, gardens and sports grounds drainage.

Features of products:

1. Exxellent drainage function, can bear long time high press road

2. High tensile and shear strength

3. Reduce the rate that geotextile embedding into the core of geonet, can protect long time stable water conductivity

4. Can bear more than 2000KPa compression load

5. Its anti-compression capacity is much larger than common geonet for drainage.

Packaging &Shipping

Items per Carton: Package by rollsPackage
Size per Unit: 200X300X50 CM
Gross Weight per Unit: 84.00 KG /Square Meter
Package Type: Black woven geotextile


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