Composite Geomembrane

Compositegeomembrane is comprised of 2 layers of geotextile and a layer of geomembraneheat bonded together by extrusion laminating. The product is suitable for seepage reduction, canallining or channel lining, protection, separation and horizontal drainage. Among these, anti-seepage andcanal lining for transport of water in open channels are the primary functions. Seepage can be controlledin projects such as ear then or rock filled dams, concrete dams, sewage ponds, channels, reservoirs, andsubway/tunnel basement linings.


This material shortens the construction time for projects and can reduce costs associated with hydraulic engineered lining/cut-off systems. The geotextile layers are securely laminated on either side of the membrane core ensuring, the lining can be installed with immediate protection against potential damage during installation.



1. a cloth of a film substrate: 100-1000g/sqm, the film thickness: 0.1-1.5mm;

2.two cloth of a film substrate: 80-600g/sqm, the film thickness:0.2-1.5mm;

3. a cloth two membrane fabric: 100-1000g/sqm, the film thickness:0.1-0.8mm;

4. More than 4 cloth membrane fabric: 100-1000g/sqm, the film thickness: 0.1-0.8mm;




Widely used in Dam Tunnel, traffic, road, airport, row

In many areas of water housing, environmental protection, the main seepage prevention in engineering Protection, reinforcement and so on.



Good flexibility, in addition to a geotextile, drainage, reinforcement, isolation protection Effect,but also has closed (seepage) function.

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