Drainage Geomat Compound with Non Woven Geotextile

MOQ: 500sqm
Quality Warranty: 24 Months
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Raw Material: PP

Product Description

Drainage geomat compound with non woven geotextile


Geocomposite drain mat takes compact 3D PE net as matrix, and compounds with non-woven fabric on one side or both sides. Such structure provides excellent gas venting and water drainage, which can retain silt and soil particles effectively. It is widely used for surface drainage, erosion prevention and vegetation protection.

Color: white, black, green
Material: PE

1. Filtration
2. Drain and Collect water
3.High compression strength
4. Easy to construct
5. Long service life

Drainage mat is mainly used for drainage of wasteyard, roadbed and surface of highway, railway, tunnel, underground structure, garden, playground, and so on.


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