Electric spark leak detector

Electric spark leak detector is through a variety of conductive substrate coating surface with a certain amount of pulse high voltage, such as because the coating is too thin, leakage of metal or air leakage pinhole, when the pulse pressure after the formation of gas Gap spark and spark discharge, at the same time to the alarm circuit sent a pulse signal, so that the alarm sound alarm, so as to achieve the purpose of testing the coating.


To check plate made of butt welding seam quality of plating bath and chemical storage tank inside the plastic lined with plastic film or lap weld quality and locating the leakage point, also used to detect invisible to the naked eye of metal or concrete surface corrosion resistant coating, insulation, composite layer (inspecting &controlling), such as the lining rubber coating
quality, is the most economic, practical and efficient machine.


1. Voltage: 220v
2. Frequency: 50/60Hz
3. Power: 800W~3000W
4. Welding speed: 0.5-8m/min
5. Heating temperature: 0-600℃
6. Thickness of material to be welded: 0.2mm-3.0mm
7. Overlap width: 100m~160mm
8. Welding width: 12.5mm/15mm??2, interiorcavity 12mm/15mm/20mm
9. Net Weight: 5kgs~13kgs



• High control accuracy and low temperature fluctuation.

• Great output torque and stable operating.

• Constant speed on the condition of creeping, vertical creeping and variable road load.

• Excellent in performance and easy for operating.


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