Geo Bag Sand Bag and Pet Woven Fabric Bag /Geo Bag Sand Bag

After-sales Service: More Than 5 Years
Warranty: More Than 5 Years
Color: White
Certification: Crcc
Feature: Corrosion Resistant
Usage: Water Filter

Product Description

Geo bag sand bag and PET woven fabric bag


Made by polyester ( PET ) or polypropylene ( PP ) fiber as the raw material, making double sides ironed and pressed needle-punched nonwoven geotextile through the spun bonded technology, and then processed to bag with specified dimension fill soil, sand and fertilizer etc. Padding into bag according to local soil conditions and scientific proportion, and then spray seeds which are suitable for local climate, form a new product which could restore or creat a new ecosystem.

Greige cloth for ecological bag is 150-180GSM, the physical dimension for ecological bag will be determined based upon the project requirment..

1.With the advantages of anti-UV, anti-aging, non-toxic, no combustion-supporting, bag rip no stretch
2. Bags are soft with good integral, permeability is strong and scouring resistance, good durable performence
3.Good plasticity and construction process is simple
4.Strong corrosion resistance, resistance to mircrobes, high soil stability, easy for plant growth
5.Comprehensive functions of environmental protection, ecological afforestation, soil and water conservation, forming of ecological slope protection system

Commonly used in barren hills, mining repair, highway and railway slope greening, riverbanks slope protection, inland waterway improvement etc.projects
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