Green Grass Paver for Roof Garden

Material: Plastic
Feature: Acid Resistant
Stone Form: Solid
Shape: Square
Surface Finishing: Saw Cut
Style: Chinese

Product Description

Green Grass Paver for Garden

Manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE material, Leiyuan plastic driveway grass paver gravel stabilizer are an interlocking celluar paving grid system for grass and ground reinforcement applications. Because of its chemically inert and non toxic feature, grass grid allow the drainage of stormwater back into the underground soil. Except for greening, the grass grid is also designed as asustainable solution for areas of both heavy and light traffic. During installed, the grass grids can be filled with grass or gravel surface and allow full rainwater penetration.


Unbeatable benefits &features for Gravel Stabilizer, Grass Paver, Plastic Driveway Paver:

1. Quick and easy to install
2. Extremely lightweight
3. High Strength
4. Safety interlocking system
5. Surface reinforcement with natural drainage
6. Extremely versatile due to addition elements(curve wedges, slope angles, car park makings)
7. Minimal maintenance
8. Non-slip and crack proof
9. Weatherproof and environmentally friendly
10. Withstands frost and UV radiation
11. Cut to size
12. Does not expand


Applications for Grass Paver, Plastic Driveway Paver, Gravel Stabilizer:

Parking Lots
Fire Lanes &Access Roads
Pathways &Driveways
Mud Control
Erosion Control
Golf Courses
Green Roofing
Green Spaces &Landscapes
Playgrounds &Public Spaces
Equestrian &Livestock Facilities

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