HDPE column points geomembrane

Column point rough geomembrane is a new material produced by calendering process. HDPE geomembrane with uniform height column point appearance on one or both sides is produced by special calendering process with specially formulated virgin resin. Friction coefficient is larger than ordinary rough geomembrane, anti-slip effect is also better than ordinary rough membrane. It is generally used in projects requiring a large coefficient of friction on the surface of slope membranes, which can improve engineering stability.



Width: 4-6m

Length: 50-150m as customized

Color: as customized

Thickness: 0.2mm-3.0mm

Surface: column point rough surface



HDPE textured geomembrane especially suitable for underground engineering, mining engineering, landfill, sewage or waste treatment field as anti leakage material. And more suitable for the slope and vertical seepage control, improve the stability of engineering.


1. Environmental friendly formula 

2. Aging resistance property

3. High mechanical strength

4. Chemical stability

5. Puncture resistance

6. High impervious coefficient

7. Fast construction speed

8. Low cost

9. Good weather resistance

10. Long service life


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