HDPE smooth geomembrane

Smooth geomembrane is a widely used waterproof and barrier geosynthetic material with polymer as the basic raw material. Smooth geomembrane is made of high quality virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as impermeable base material, with a special formula adding a certain amount of carbon black, anti-oxidant, anti-aging agent, UV absorber and color masterbatch and other auxiliary materials in the production process, and is refined in batch by triple co-extrusion blow molding technology using highly automated geomembrane equipment.



Width: 1-8m

Length: 50-150m as customized

Color: as customized

Thickness: 0.2mm-3.0mm

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Smooth geomembrane is widely used in water conservancy, environmental protection, municipal engineering, aquaculture, sewage treatment, tailings seepage control, landfill, landscaping and water conservancy projects, etc.


1. Environmental friendly formula 

2. Aging resistance property

3. High mechanical strength

4. Chemical stability

5. Puncture resistance

6. High impervious coefficient

7. Fast construction speed

8. Low cost

9. Good weather resistance

10. Long service life


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