High Quality 3D Geomat for Erosion Control Protection

Color: Green
Application: Retaining Wall, Steep Slop, Dam, Road Base
Certification: Crcc/ISO
Function: Anti-slip, Reinforcement
Feature: Corrosion Resistant, Oxidation Resistance, Wear-resistant
Specification: CE151, EM5

Product Description

3D Geo-mat is a synthetic erosion control mat made from a mesh of UV stabilized polymer fibres. Its multi-layered filament structure has a flat base to provide good contact with the subsurface. Its 3D structure adds stiffness and stability to the soil. 3D Geo-mat protects the soil from erosion and supports and reinforces the root zone. Once vegetated, the protection layer creates an environmentally friendly surface that can withstand heavy rains and water flows (up to 4m/sec) while increasing infiltration and reducing discharge.


The lightweight and flexible 3D Geo-mat is easy to handle and install. It can be used:
• As a substitute for concrete or stonewalls for slope protection.
• As an integrated erosion control system on steep slopes and erosion prone areas.
• To prevent erosion on river embankments, channels and flood plains.
• To re-vegetate the sides of roadways and landfill sites.
• To ensure a stable cover necessary to protect geo-membranes from UV radiation.

Installation involves:
• Shaping and compacting the sub soil to the required profile.
• Unrolling the 3D Geo-mat down the slope and fixing it in position with 150-300mm U-Pegs. U-Pegs should be spaced between 300mm and 700mm depending on the substrate to ensure that the 3D Geo-mat makes contact with the surface. Overlaps should be pegged at 100mm centres in dry applications and 300mm in wet applications.
• Anchoring the top of the embankment in spade-deep trenches and, where necessary, anchoring the edges, to prevent the 3D Geo-mat slipping on the slope and uplift.
• Longitudinal edges should be overlapped 50mm and transverse edges overlapped 150mm.
• After seeding the subsurface at a rate of 20-30g/m2 , lightly cover the 3D Geo-mat with 35mm of soil and compact it. Alternatively, a spray mulch or pre-established turf can be applied over the 3D Geo-mat.

Specification: CE121. CE131. CE151. DN1 HF10

CE121 CE131 CE151 DN1 HF10
Weight per sq.m.(g/m2) 730±35 630±30 550±25 750±35 1240±60
Mseh size(mm) 8±1X6±1 27±2X27±2 74±5X74±5 10±1×10±1 10±1×6±1
Net width(m) 2.00+0.06or2.50+0.06
Length of the reel(m) 50.00+1or40.00+1
Maximum drawing force≥(KN/m) 6.2 5.8 5.0 6.0 18
Remark The special spec or size can be manufactured according to the demands of the contract or agreement


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