High Quality HDPE Geomembrane for Waterproofing Project/ Pond Liner

Certification: ISO
Surface: Smooth Side
Application: Transportation Project
Feature: Puncture Resistance
Material: HDPE
Color: Black

Product Description

· HDPE Smooth Geomembrane is a new material that can be waterproof and barrier-proof. It mainly uses high-density polyethylene resin and is added carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging and UV-resistance component to have excellent environmental stress crack resistance, low temperature resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance and large service temperature and long service life.

·High mechanical strength: Good physical and mechanic performance.
·Chemical resistance: Good waterproof, drainage, anti-seepage and damp proof effects.
·low permeability: High tearing resistance, strong deformation adaptability.
·Anti-aging performance: Good adaptability to high and low temperature, non-toxicity, long service life.

Product use:
(1) landfill and sewage or waste disposal.
(2)lake dam, tailings DAMS, sewage dam and reservoir, irrigation channels and liquid storage pool, mine (pit).
(3)subway, basement, tunnel and tunnel lining seepage control.
(4)roadbed and other foundations in brine seepage control

Item Index
Thickness    mm 0.75 1.00 1.25 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00
1 Density        g/cm3 ≥0.940
2 Tensile yield strength (vertical and horizontal)    N/mm ≥11 ≥15 ≥18 ≥22 ≥29 ≥37 ≥44
3 Tensile breaking strength (vertical and horizontal)    N/mm ≥20 ≥27 ≥33 ≥40 ≥53 ≥67 ≥80
4 Elongation (vertical and horizontal)  % ≥12
5 Elongation at break (vertical and horizontal) % ≥700
6 Tearing load at right angle (vertical and horizontal)    N ≥93 ≥125 ≥160 ≥190 ≥250 ≥315 ≥375
7 Anti-puncture strength   N ≥240 ≥320 ≥400 ≥480 ≥540 ≥800 ≥960
8 ‘ Tensile load stress cracking (tensile method of dead load of the cut)   h _ ≥300
9 Carbon black content   % 2.0~3.0
10 Carbon black dispersion The number of Level 3 among 10 data is not more than one; Level 4 and Level 5 are not allowed.
  Oxidation induction time (OIT)   min Oxidation induction time under normal pressure ≥100
11* Oxidation induction time under disjoining pressure ≥400
12 85°C thermal aging (retention rate of OIT under normal pressure after 90d) % ≥55
13a Ultraviolet resistance (retention rate of OIT after 1600h ultraviolet irradiation)
Note: Technical performance index of thickness specification not listed in the table shall be implemented according to interpolation method.
For two indexes of Item 11 and Item 13, select one from retention rate of OIT under normal pressure and retention rate of OIT under high pressure and carry out the test.


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