High Quality Non Woven Geotextile Sand Bag Geobag Dewatering Bag

After-sales Service: Guide The Construction
Warranty: 5 Years
Color: White/Black/Green/Grey
Certification: CE, ISO/BV/SGS
Feature: Oxidation Resistance, Wear-resistant
Usage: Insulation, Waterproof, Water Filter

Product Description

Geobags are small soil containers made of either woven or non-woven geotextile, it is thebest geosynthetic productused for slope protection and river engineering. Geobags, also known as Geotextiles Bags, Geotextile Sand Containers, or Woven / Non-Woven Geobags, are filled with locally available sand and stitched manually on-site to form a bag. The Geotextiles Bag can also include a protection layer that is elevated UV resistant and provides protection against vandalism.

Geotextiles Sand Containersare excellent erosion control, protection and force absorbant product, ideally for coastal, off-shore, waterfront, waterway structures, foundation and any applications that required exceptional protection, flexibility to conform to uneven terrain, long term durability and performance. TheGeo Bagsare environmental friendly whereby they allow vegetation that provides additional protection while creating a habitat zone.


  • Erosion control, filtration and drainage in one product for coastal, off-shore, waterfront, waterway structures and foundation applications
  • It includes UV resistance and an anti- vandalism protection layer
  • Superior to woven geotextile bags for friction properties and abrasion resistance utilizes local fill materials
  • Improves installation safety due to robust nonwovens
  • Conforms to uneven terrain without sacrificing strength
  • Environmentally smart: reduces carbon footprint, creates habitat zones, minimizes site disturbance
  • Transforms eroison-prone soils into eroison-resistant systems
  • Long-term durability and performance
  • Protection For Beach Abrasion
  • Breakwater
  • Containment Dikes For Dredge Materials
  • Wetland Construction

2: Infrastructureandcleanenergy
3: Commercialhousingandtheharmoniousarea
B. floodcontrolemergency,blindage,floodcontroldam.


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