Non Woven Geotextile PP/Pet Philippines Road Construction

After-sales Service: More Than 5 Years
Warranty: More Than 5 Years
Color: White
Certification: ISO
Feature: Corrosion Resistant
Usage: Insulation

Product Description

Non woven Geotextile PP/PET Staple Fiber Fabric for Philippines Road Construction

Geotextile is a kind of new building materials,the raw material is polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, nylon and other synthetic polymers. According to the manufacturing methods are divided into: woven geotextile and non-woven geotextile two types.General engineering mainly use the non-woven geotextile .

Geotextile is impervious, filter, drainage, isolation, reinforcement and protection, sealing and other functions, it compared with the conventional masonry and concrete materials anti-seepage effect, low investment, simple construction technology, short time limit, good anti-seepage effect, channel high effective utilization coefficient, etc
Specification (g/m2): 100-800g/m2
Width: 1m-6m


Product Name: Wholesale Needle Punched High Strength Non Woven Geotextile For Road Construction
Weight: 100-800g/sqm
Length : 50-300m or follow customers’ request
width: 1-7m or follow customers’ demand
Color: White,Black,Green
Material: 100% Polyester or 100% Polypropylene
Standard: ASTM GRI-GM13/M17/China standard
Application 1.Water conservancy project and hydropower project
2.Road paving, railway
3.Airport and port
4.River bank protection and tunnel
5.Environmental protection, etc
Packing Black PE bag or white fabric bag outside and paper pipe inside

1.High tensile strength, low deformation and have a high capability
2.Durability: steady property, resolve resistance, air slaked and can keep the original property for a long time.
3.Anti-erosion: anti-acid, anti-aklia, insects and mould resistance
4.Permeability, could control the sieve size to retain certain permeability

It is widely used in river, coast, harbor, highway, railway, wharf, tunnel, bridge and other geotechnical engineering.


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