Plastic Soil Reinforcement Biaxial Geogrid

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Color: Black
Application: Retaining Wall
Viscose: Without Viscose
Function: Anti-slip

Product Description

Plastic soil reinforcement biaxial geogrid

Quick Details

Type Geogrids
Place of Origin Shandong, China
Product name PP Plastic Biaxial Geogrid
Raw Material plastic
Color Black
Length 50-100m
Width 1-6m
Certificate ISO9001/14001/OHASA
Package Woven Bag
Function Soil Reinforcement
Tensile strength 15-50kN/m
Application Hotel, Villa, Apartment, Office Building, Hospital, School, Mall, Sports Ven

II,Product Description

Appearance of bidirectional tension plastic geogrid is grid shape structure with near square. It uses polypropylene and high-density polyethylene as main raw materials, is pressed into plate by melting extrusion and formed by punching, heating, vertical and horizontal directional tension. The product has a large degree of stretch in both the vertical and the horizontal direction. This structure also provide an ideal interlocking system for the more effective force bearing and diffusion in the soil. It is suitable for large-area permanent bear reinforce for roadbed.

Physical properties
1, Has a very strong tensile strength, tensile strength range of 25-110kn/m, depending on the product type, the tensile strength also varies.
2, Stress elongation is small, the structure has a very good side-limit stability enhancement ability.
3, High physical and chemical stability, anti-aging, soil burial, corrosion resistance.
4,Great coefficient of friction, the mesh structure is fully integrated into the soil and stone structure to enhance the stability of the structure.
5,Strong resistance to environmental stress, with a small amount of deformation in the stress enhancement, in the range of -20 ºC ~ 120 ºC temperature deformation coefficient is small.
6,The width is generally 4-6 meters, light weight, easy to install and construct, efficient and economic.


IV,Products Show:

V,Product Function
1. It can be applied in all kinds of roads, railways, airports to enhance the roadbed.
2. It can be applied in a large car park and terminal freight yard, etc., to strengthen the foundations of a permanent load.
3. It can be applied in rail, road slope’s protection.
4. It can be applied to enhance the culvert.
5. It can be applied as a secondary enhancement after the uniaxial geogrid soil enhancement, further enhance the soil, prevent soil erosion.
6. It can be applied in mining, tunnel reinforcement.
VI,Product Application
Biaxial geogrids are made from polymers that are extruded, formed into panels and punched through a process followed by longitudinal and transverse stretching. The material has a high tensile strength in both the longitudinal and transverse directions, and this structure also provides a more effective force bearing and diffusion ideal for interlocking systems in the soil, and is suitable for large areas of permanent bearing foundations.
Application: Two-way geogrid is suitable for reinforcement of various embankments and road foundations, slope protection, cavity wall reinforcement, large airports, car parks, quay yards and other permanent bearing foundations.
1.Increase the bearing capacity of the road (foundation) and extend the service life of the road (foundation).

2.prevent the road (ground) surface from caving in or producing cracks, and keep the ground beautiful and neat.

3. Easy to construct, save time and effort, shorten the construction period and reduce maintenance costs.
4. Prevents cracks in culverts.
5. Enhances soil slopes and prevents soil erosion.

6. Reduce the thickness of bedding layer and save cost.
7. Support the stability of slope grass mats to green the environment.
8. Can replace metal mesh and be used for false roof mesh in underground coal mines.

VII,Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details: Biaxial Geogrid is packed with nude packing or follow your demand.
Roll size load into container.
Note Keep away from fire and high temperatures.


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