Polypropylene Woven Geotextile for Slope Protection

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Warranty: 5 Years
Color: Black
Certification: ISO/BV/SGS
Feature: Corrosion Resistant, Oxidation Resistance, Wear-resistant
Usage: Insulation, Waterproof, Water Filter

Product Description

PP WOVEN GEOTEXTILEis a combination of strength and integrity of two sets of yarns woven together.
The base material of Polypropylene or Polyester fulfils project’s specification needs according to ASTM, which include tensile strength, grab strength, puncture resistance, elongation, thermal stabilization and Ultraviolet ray resistance.
PP WOVEN GEOTEXTILEis a cost effective solution for soil separator, stabilization, filtration, erosion control and marine protection. It is also resistant to mildew, fungus, and chemicals normally found in soil. Its protecting functions are not affected by ultraviolet ray and other environmental factors, and as a protection, this material needs not be buried with soil.

Strong and Durable
Stable Performance
Resistant to Chemical Substances
Resistant to Heat
Resistant to Ultraviolet Ray
Resistant to Micro Organism and Insects
Paved and Unpaved Road Construction
Retaining Wall and Embankment
Airport Runway
Slope Reinforcement
Landslide Containment
Beach Reclamation
Marine Construction


The purpose of separation is to separate two kinds of soil layers which have different granularity, or two kinds of layers from different materials which need to be separated, without preventing water circulation.
Applications: Fill on soft soil, fill in road construction, gravels in railway, beach reclamation, etc.
2. Stabilization

To distribute the load on the soft soil to be more equal, so it can bear any construction weight above it, much better.
Applications :Fill on soft soil, fill in road construction, gravels in railway, beach reclamation, etc.

Woven Geotextiles Data Sheet

Item Testing Method Unit
Grad Tensile Strength ASTM-D 4632 N 890 1405
Grab Elongation ASTM-D 4632 % ≤20 ≤20
Puncture Strength ASTM-D 4833 N 400 667
CBR Puncture ASTM-D 6241 N 3200 4800
Mullen Burst ASTM-D 3786 kPA 2578 4137
Trapezoidal Tear ASTM-D 4533 N 500 750
Apparent Opening Size ASTM-D 4751 mm 0.425 0.425
Permittivity ASTM-D 4491 Sec-1 0.05 0.05
Water Flow Rate ASTM-D 4491 1/m/m2 163 163
UV Resistance ASTM-D 4355 % 500hrs 70 70
Roll Width m 6 6
Roll Length m 100 100
Mass GSM 200 300


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