Road Base Geonet 3D Composite Drainage Geonet Compound Net

Color: Black
Application: Retaining Wall, Steep Slop, Dam, Road Base
Function: Reinforcement
Feature: Corrosion Resistant, Oxidation Resistance, Wear-resistant
Thickness of Geonet: 4-8mm
Width: 1-4m

Product Description

3D Geocomposite Drainage Net

Three dimensional composites drainage networkis a new type of drainage geotextile material. It is one three-dimension geonet composited with two needle-punched non-woven geotextiles. Three dimensional composites drainage network consists of a tri-dimension thick vertical rib, and a inclined rip on the top and bottom. Double sided adhesive seepage geotextiles form a “filtration – drainage – ventilation – protection” overall performance, and can replace the traditional sand and gravel. Its pore maintenance system can drain underground water quickly, block the capillary water under high load in construction, keep certain thickness and provide good water conductivity property. At the same time, it can also play the role of isolation and foundation reinforcement. Mainly used in railway, highway, tunnel, municipal engineering, reservoir, slope protection and other drainage works, and the effect is remarkable.


  • Product name:three dimensional composites drainage network.
  • Material:high density polyethylene.
  • Length:30 m, 40 m, 50 m or at your requests.
  • Width:2 m – 4 m.
  • Thickness:5 mm – 8 mm.
  • Non woven geotextile unit weight:200 g/m2.
  • Mass per unit area:700 g/m2, 1000 g/m2, 1300 g/m2, 1600 g/m2.


Typical Applications include:

Highways: vertical edge-of-carriageway drains intercept the lateral flow of ground water. Modern fin drains reduce excavation, reduce backfill quantities and reduce installation time. In-slope drainage increases geotechnical stability.

Retaining walls and bridge abutments: to reduce pore water pressure and avoid backfill saturation.

Engineered landfills: with the additional requirement of long-term chemical resistance and high compressive strength.

Tunnels: ground-water-seepage interception between rock face and the tunnel lining.

Buried structures: vertical and horizontal drains for basements, culverts, car parks, reservoirs, etc.


Net drainage geocomposites are manufactured using a unique geotextile filter developed specifically for use in drainage geocomposites for its high tensile modulus and ability to prevent soil ingress into the void space of the drainage core.

The drainage cores are manufactured from HDPE nets which have been engineered to have good flow under high loading.


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