Stone Wire Mesh Box Gabion for Slope Protection

Material: Galvanized Iron Wire
Application: Gabion Mesh, Gabions
Hole Shape: Square
Usage: Civil Engineering
Technics: Perforated
Surface Treatment: Galvanized

Product Description

Stone Wire Mesh Box Gabion

Gabion Mesh also named Stone Cage Mesh, is a new kind of ecological grid structure successfully applied to water conservancy project, highway, railway engineering, dike protection projects, realized the organic combination of engineering structure and ecological environment well. At the same time it has its own advantages compared with some traditional rigid structure, so it has become the first choice structural style worldwide for protection of river bed, landslide,debris flow and rock fall and environment protection.

PRODUCTCLASSIFICATION:Gabion mesh, Cyc gabion, reinforcement gabion,Reno mat , reinforced Mike mat.


1.Pore size:60*80mm,80*100mm,80*120mm,100*120mm,120*150mm

2.Wire diameter: Gabion mesh divided 3 diameters-mesh wire, side wire, bind wire
Size: make at request


Economy, just put the stones into the cage and seal

Simple construction, no need special technology

Strong ability to withstand natural damage and corrosion resistance and resistant to bad climate impact

Can bear large scope deformation and do not collapse

The slush between stone gap in gabion can help to plant growth and come into surround natural environment.

Good permeability, can avoid the damage by fluid static force.

Save transport costs. Can be folded for transportation, assembly on site

Progress fast, short deadlines: multiple sets construction at the same time, parallel, line production


It is a new type of material structure widely use in transportation, water conservancy, municipal, gardens, water and soil conservation project. Gabion mesh used for project of road, alloy mesh bag used in prevent sand and river channel improvement. Gabion mesh for landscape, Gabion mesh retaining wall, gabion mesh protection for bridge, gabion mesh for coast defence, gabion mesh mesh cage for levee slope and riverway protection and so on.


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