Swimming Pool Used Black Waterproof Geomembrane Add UV Additives

Certification: CE, ISO
Application: Transportation Project, Hydraulic Project, Geotechnical Project, Environmental Project
Feature: Puncture Resistance, Impact Resistance, Tear Resistance
Material: HDPE
Color: Black
Colour: Black,White Green

Product Description

High quality hdpe geomembrane
Product Description
1.  hdpe textured geomembrane rough pond lining
2. 1m-8m width
3. 0.2mm-3.0mm thickness

2mm Textured HDPE Geomembrane price
The HDPE geomembrane is mainly a high density polyethylene liner made of and high molecular weight, high resistance to ultraviolet rays, 700% coefficient of expansion and high tensile strength. Basically used as impervious barrier to water action, chemicals, petrochemicals, solid wastes (industrial and urban) and mining. So as the storage, conservation for water treatment and aquaculture usage, on very different substrates, as soil, sand, concrete or steel.

The geomembrane shall be supplied in one continuous seamless piece, the max width of rolls is 8 meters wide. The length of the roll must be optimized to make it easy carrying in the field and minimize the number of welds.
The geomembrane may have smooth or textured finish depending on use. The textured geomembrane must be fabricated in order to produce a specified friction in surface irregularities. The thickness of the geomembrane in this case should not include the height of the irregularity of the texturing. According to the standard GM-13.

HDPE Geomembranes smooth or textured shall satisfy the following properties and quality certificates from the resin and control number from each of the rolls supplied.


Low Permeability – HDPE lining systems are secure because leachate does not penetrate them; methane gas will not escape from the HDPE cover system; and rainwater will not infiltrate an HDPE cap.

Chemical Resistance – HDPE, resistant to a wide range of chemicals, is not threatened by typical solid or hazardous waste leachates. It is also suitable for sludge and secondary containment around chemical storage facilities.

Ultraviolet Resistance – HDPE’s resistance to UV exposure is further enhanced by the addition of carbon black. Additionally, with the absence of plasticizers, volatilization is not a problem.


Landfill (primary & secondary containment)
Landfill caps/closures
Lagoon Liners
Mining Heap Leach Pads
Pond Liners
Agriculture Pond Liners
Canal linings
Raw water treatment reservoirs
Potable water reservoirs
Retention ponds
Floating Covers
Secondary containment for above ground
storage tanks
Solutions ponds for mining applications
Tank linings
Waste water treatment lagoon

Packaging & DeliveryPackaging Details:Delivery Detail:

PP woven fabric or at clitent’s request.
7-days/one 40’GP container

Technical date sheet (textute surface):

Item value
1.00 1.25 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00
Min density(g/cm3) 0.940
Yield strength(TD,MD),N/mm≥ 15 18 22 29 37 44
Breaking strength(TD,MD),N/mm≥ 10 13 16 21 26 32
Yield elongation (TD,MD),%≥ 12
Breaking elongation (TD,MD),%≥ 100
Average rectangle tear strength(TD,MD)),≥N 125 156 187 249 311 374
Puncture resistance, N≥ 267 333 400 534 667 800
Stress crack resistance,  h≥ 300
Carbon black content,,  % 2.0~3.0
Carbon black dispersion nine of 10 is grad I or II,less than 1 if grad III
Oxidative induction time(OIT),min standard OIT≥100
high pressure OIT≥400
Oven aging at 80°C(standard OIT retained after 90 days),%≥ 55

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