Thickness 1.5mm HDPE Geomembrane in Low Price for Landfill, Mining, etc

Certification: ISO
Surface: Smooth
Application: Hydraulic Project, Environmental Project, Waterproof Project for Fish Pond, Tunner, Railway,
Feature: Impact Resistance, Tear Resistance
Material: HDPE
Color: Black or White

Product Description

HDPE geomembranes

Product Description

 Made from MDPE and LDPE resin by film process.




1 Excellent environmental stress cracking resistance property

2 Low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance

3 For service temperature range: -60ºC–+ 60ºC

4 Service valid term: 60 years at least



1 Municipal environmental projects, water conservancy projects

2 Anti-seepage projects for transportation infrastructure

3 Agricultural water conservancy projects

4 Water proof engineering for aquaculture, irrigation ditch, ponds and reservoir

5 Anti-seepage projects for tunnel, chemical pool, buildings


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